Eyenlip Ceramide Green Toks Bubble Cleanser

Okay I’ll be sharing my review of @eyenlip Ceramide Green Toks Bubble Cleanser which I got from their recent review event with @beautynetkorea I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of their reviewee for this product.

Product Claims: Cleansing without irritation for the sensitive skin.

Notable Ingredients:
Konjac root extract “mannan”
Mate leaves extract
Puer tea root extract
Ferrous extract
Spinach extract
Olive leaf extract
Has 11 kinds of oils which help improve skin barrier, moisturizing and wrinkle care

What are ceramides?
A component of the skin barrier, ceramides are lipids (aka fat molecules) that “help the skin retain moisture and allow for proper function. In other words, ceramides help keep your skin hydrated and feeling soft.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.allure.com/story/what-are-ceramides/amp

How to Use: Dispense 1-2 pumps of cleanser just enough to cover your entire face, make sure your face is dry. Allow the cleanser to turn into bubble foam approx. 30seconds. Massage it gently and finished off by rinsing with lukewarm or tap water.

I’ve been using this cleanser in my daily routine for almost two weeks now. So I am ready to share what I think about this product. First off I like that this cleanser comes in a sturdy plastic pump bottle which makes it easy to dispense the product. It has a gel like texture with tiny particles “soft konjac root extract” which help cleanse the pores. I enjoyed how this cleanser turns into bubbles and foams after few seconds. I don’t know but it feels a bit warm on my face tho I don’t experience any irritations while using this one. In fact I love how this thoroughly cleanse my face without making it dry and it made my skin soft and plump too. So yes, I definitely enjoyed using this and will continue to use it until the last drop.

Gifted by @eyenlip in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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